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House Hillborough Launch


House Hillsborough: The .1% Challenge

In November 2022 during National Homelessness Awareness Month, Tampa Hillsborough Homeless Initiative launched House Hillsborough: The .1% Challenge. This call to action encourages members of our community to donate .1% of their income to increasing safe and affordable housing for our most vulnerable neighbors experiencing homelessness in Tampa/Hillsborough County. 

Funds raised through House Hillsborough: The .1% Challenge will be dedicated to the acquisition, development, and creation of housing specifically for those with significant housing barriers and financial support to the non-profit agencies that provide services for those experiencing homelessness. 


The Launch

To kick-off House Hillsborough: The .1% Challenge, THHI hosted over 50 community leaders at the inaugural House Hillsborough Recognition Breakfast on November 1, 2022. 

Honoring Local Efforts

Honoring Local Efforts

THHI recognized three individuals who have worked tirelessly to create solutions to decrease the number of homelessness in Hillsborough County:

  • Mike Merrill (retired Hillsborough County Administrator)

  • Calvin Reed of Housing Steps Forward

  • Guy King III (community leader)


In honor of these individuals' efforts, THHI awarded $30,000 to Housing First Steps Forward to continue their efforts in driving down homelessness and creating transformational change.

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Since the launch of House Hillsborough: The .1% Challenge, THHI's CEO, Antoinette Hayes-Triplett, has continued to engage community leaders. We believe engaging local leaders, corporations, businesses, foundations, governments, civic and faith based organizations will be impactful for the community-wide effort to increase affordable housing and landlords with available units. 

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