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A high-performing Continuum of Care is dependent upon an active and engaged membership working together in a coordinated and collaborative manner to make homelessness rare, brief, and non-recurring in their community.

The organizations, entities, and individuals who are regularly “at the table” demonstrate their commitment to the overall CoC’s efforts to develop and implement best practices that meet the duties and responsibilities required of a CoC.

CoC Members w/ 'Active' Status:

Participation by organizations, entities, and individuals who have attended at least eighty percent (80%) of CoC meetings and maintain at least eighty percent (80%) attendance on at least one CoC Committee based on the previous, rolling 12-month period.  (Source: FL501 THC CoC Governance Charter - rev 7/2022)

The list below includes the organizations that met these criteria for 4th Quarter of 2023:​


Agency for Community Treatment Services (ACTS)
Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg
Children's Board of Hillsborough County
Cindy Walz (Community Advocate)
City of Tampa
Dawning Family Services
EPIC (Empath Partners in Care)
Family Healthcare Foundation

Hillsborough County Homeless & Community Services Department
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office (HCSO)
Hope on the Horizon
Just Initiative
Metropolitan Ministries
New Beginnings of Tampa
Peace Outreach Resource Center (PORC)
Senior Connection Center
St. Vincent de Paul CARES
Tampa Housing Authority
The Spring of Tampa Bay

Failure to meet and maintain participation thresholds will result in forfeiture of an organization's CoC active status. The minimum participation threshold is not applicable to funders of the CoC.

CoC Members w/ 'Non-Active' Status:

Organizations, entities, and individuals who have attended at least one (1) CoC meeting in the past calendar year but have not met the Active CoC Member criteria.  Click here to see a list of CoC members w/ 'non-active' status.

CoC Membership:

Membership in the Tampa/Hillsborough County Continuum of Care (CoC) is open to any organization – nonprofit, for-profit, or governmental entity – committed to ending homelessness or assisting people who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless within the Tampa/Hillsborough County area.

CoC Membership Application:

Applications for membership shall be submitted, using the CoC Membership Application, to THHI, the CoC lead agency, and are subject to approval by a majority vote of the Executive Planning Committee.  Each member organization must serve on at least one of the nine CoC standing/subcommittees.

Annually each member organization's membership renews during the first CoC meeting attended that year.  Any organizational changes would need to be provided to THHI by the end of the 1st Quarter of each year following the initial submission of the CoC Membership Application.  

CoC Member Request for CoC Support Letter:

As the lead agency/collaborative application for the Tampa/Hillsborough County Continuum of Care, the Tampa Hillsborough Homeless Initiative, we receive requests from partners, participating, and active CoC member agencies for letters of CoC support for funding applications related to new, expanded, and renewal projects.

THHI has a responsibility to help ensure that projects being developed and/or renewed are aligned with the CoC’s, state, and federal priorities, with a commitment to the implementation of best and next practices and high-performance standards.  To ensure a consistent and transparent process for the provision of support letters, THHI has established the process outlined below.

  1. All requests for support letters must include a completed “Request for CoC Support Letter” form, along with a draft letter.  Whenever possible, the request should be submitted to THHI no less than 7 business days prior to the date the letter is needed.

  2. Also, the request for support letters must include a copy of or link to the open NOFO/RFP/RFA. 

  3. In completing the letter of support, THHI uses objective information to document the agency’s level of participation in the CoC and the UNITY Information Network (HMIS).

For further instructions and to access the request form, please click here.

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