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As required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, each HUD recognized CoC is required to establish a CoC Governance Structure to meet the requirements and responsibilities regulated to a CoC by HUD’s CoC Program Interim Rule.

The Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC’s Governance Charter was formally adopted and implemented on September 1, 2016 by a final vote of the Tampa Hillsborough Homeless Initiative Board of Directors after being drafted, reviewed and approved by the CoC Executive Planning Committee.  The Governance Charter establishes the membership and voting requirements within the CoC, the responsibilities of members, committees and the THHI Board of Directors:

Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC Committees

The Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC Standing Committees are the “working bodies” of the CoC meaning the work of recommending and developing CoC policies and procedures, processes and standard performance outcomes to be applied CoC-wider begins with and is designated to the applicable committee. 

Visit the Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC Committee page for more information the CoC Committees, the committee members, meeting times and meeting notes.


Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC Membership

Membership in the Tampa/Hillsborough County CoC is open to any organization – nonprofit, for profit, or governmental entity – committed to ending homelessness or assisting people who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless within the Tampa-Hillsborough County area.

Visit the CoC Membership page for more information about CoC membership and current members.

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